E' inutile reinventare la ruota (Parte Seconda)

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This document was brought about by the generosity of Eric Gibson, owner of West End Games. He has given permission to make the content of the book originally published in 1993 under the ISBN number 0-87431-206-X part of the open gaming content available to players and publishers in the OpenD6 community. Additionally, two more people must be recognized as essential to this document. Stephen Crane and Paul Murphy are listed in the credits of the original book published by West End Games as designers. Without their work, there would be no text to make open gaming content. The changes made in this document are in order to remove any intellectual property that is not owned by West End Games. By only using what is owned by West End Games, this document is able to become a part of the OpenD6 project. Minimal formatting has been done in order to allow maximum copy/pasting and layout by those using the material in their own documents.

Quindi a quanto sembra esiste un Opend D6 Space Miniatures, ovvero il sistema utilizzato per Star Wars miniature battle.

Il link purtroppo è "rotto", ma spero di riuscire a recuperare qualche informazione aggiuntiva.