On a colossal spaceship,a character awakens from cryogenic sleep—unknowingly holding humanity’s last best hope in his bare hands...

InSomnia is a Dieselpunk RPG that transports you to a retro-futuristic space station on a 400- year journey in search of a new home.

Progetto interessante per vari aspetti, anzitutto per l'ambientazione post-apocalittoco / dieselpunk, e in seconda battuta per le specifiche tecniche:
  • Platforms: PC, Mac, and Linux
  • Release date: Q4 2015 on PC. Mac and Linux to be determined.
  • Gameplay time: 15-20 hours main storyline & 20-30 hours of side quests (first season/year). More than 20 FREE chapters are planned after release, with 3-6 hours of gameplay each, to tell the whole tale.
  • Languages:French, German, English, Spanish, Polish, Russian, Turkish, Italian

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